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Our Sober Living Home

Located in Cleveland, Ohio, Sober Living Cleveland provides a home for women committed to sobriety needing a transition to a sober, independent life. Sober Living Cleveland empowers people in recovery from additction to alcohol and other drugs by providing safe, affordable sober housing, support for healthy habits, and a foundation for a better life.

With your help, Sober Living Cleveland will initiate and sustain a network of recovery housing in Northeast Ohio, one house at a time.

Our Houses

Our fully furnished houses are located in a pedestrian-friendly residential neighborhood. Our homes provide a supportive environment for a transition to a sober, independent life.

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Cleveland Skyline Photo Credit: Xiaofan Luo

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I’m so grateful for the chance to live in a home with other women in recovery.  We understand each other, support each other, and even laugh a lot!