The Birch House is now Level 1 Housing!

We have some exciting news to share with you.  Sober Living Cleveland is now offering Level 1 housing:  The Birch House.

What exactly does Level 1 mean?  It is a recovery house for residents that are self-monitoring and accountable to each other.  It is focused on the resident making a safe and stable transition from their previous environment to this new one.  The primary criteria to enter a Level 1 recovery house is the successful completion of programs and requirements of Level 2 housing.  The resident must also have a desire and willingness to be abstinent of mind altering substances.   This level of support is typically best for those who are further along and more mature in their recovery.  

Whether Level 1 or Level 2, a sober living home is really a sober living environment in which you have time to become acquainted with life outside of drug or alcohol use. It is also a form of group support in the form of roommates with a similar vested interest in remaining drug- and alcohol-free. The benefits of a sober living home include the broadening of your social network and provides an understanding environment in which you can openly talk about your past drug use without feeling judged, all while becoming acquainted with a new pattern of living that does not involve the pitfalls of addiction.