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Sober Living Cleveland purchased a duplex on the east side of Cleveland in November 2016. More than 200 individuals and businesses contributed funds, goods, and services. Erin Helms, MA, LICDC, Executive Director of The Woodrow Project, is our Program Director. She has operated a sober house for women in Lakewood, Ohio, since 2014. Our house provides a home to 11 residents and a live-in House Manager.


Residents all contribute to the maintenance of each other’s recovery as well as a clean, safe home. They share in household cleaning and yard maintenance, and implement a good neighbor policy in their public conduct. Within a reasonable timeframe residents will either begin working, return to school or volunteer within the community.


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Sober Living Cleveland’s Program Director is Erin Helms, Executive Director of The Woodrow Project.

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We follow the principles of the 12 step program. By empowering each individual, the project aims to assist residents in developing life and employment skills. The Woodrow Project is managed by recovering persons with many years of sobriety and experience working with addicted individuals.

Program overview for residence:

  • 18+ years of age
  • In recovery from drugs and/or alcohol addiction
  • Obtain a home group and sponsor within 14 days of admission
  • Peacefully coexist with roommates
  • Provide residency fee + security deposit prior to admission
  • Willing to follow direction and comply with all rules and requirements
  • Attend and participate in bi-weekly house meetings
  • Submit to random and frequent drug and alcohol testing
  • Attend 12-step meetings
  • We do not accept women that are currently taking Methadone, Ultram(Tramadol), Suboxone, Adderall, Ritalin, Soma, Librium, Xanax, Klonopin, Valium, Ativan or any other medication which has the potential for being abused

Our fully furnished house for women is located in a pedestrian-friendly residential neighborhood on the east side of Cleveland and includes:Our fully furnished house for women is located in a pedestrian-friendly residential neighborhood on the east side of Cleveland and includes:

  • Fully equipped modern kitchens
  • Up-to-date bathrooms
  • Single and double bedrooms
  • Living room, dining room, outdoor porches
  • Parking
  • Cable tv and internet
  • Washer and dryer
  • Household supplies (linens and towels, cleaning supplies, paper goods)
  • Within walking distance: 12-step meetings, library, coffee shops, restaurants, movies, yoga studio, grocery store, bus lines, and more

Personal items which are not provided:

  • food
  • clothing
  • toiletries

Sober Living CLE is based upon the AA/NA way of life. In addition to following all the House Rules, residents are encouraged to work a rigorous program of recovery.  This Includes:

  • Staying clean and living a sober way of life.
  • Attending AA/NA meetings on a daily basis
  • Working with a AA/NA sponsor
  • Developing a support group
  • Working the 12 steps of AA/NA

Residential House Rules

  1. There will be no use or possess drugs or alcohol, either on or off the premises. All Residents are subject to random toxicology testing and a property search at any time. If there is a refusal of a search or test, or if drugs or alcohol are found or detected, automatic dismissal from the house will result.
  2. Restriction protocol is as follow:
    1. Weeks 1 & 2
      1. Leaving the house with approved, sober supportive family members; house manager; other resident; sponsor; recovery support specialist; or approved sober support friend.
      2. Complete calendar and abide by schedule that has been approved by House manager.
      3. The only time I will leave the house by myself is for work, school, treatment or therapy.
    2. Weeks 3 thru 4
      1. Restriction will lessen on a case by case basis.
      2. Resident will continue to complete calendar as well as have schedule approved by house manager for the next day.
    3. Ongoing
      1. Calendars will continue until deemed necessary by the house manager.
      2. Restriction protocols will lessen as the resident meets goals of working with a sponsor, obtaining a home group, securing employment or entering school, engaging in service work and other recovery goals on recovery plan.
  3. Each day residents will work on their recovery plans in coordination with the House Manager and/or other supports to modify and update recovery plan as necessary.
  4. Each resident will attend 4 support meetings per week if the resident is working and in outpatient treatment. If the resident is only in IOP they will attend 6 support meetings per week. The support meetings can be 12 step based, SMART recovery, faith based etc. This requirement will help to build a new support system.
  5. Residents will obtain a sponsor or mentor with whom she will consistently work with, seeing the sponsor at least once per week.
  6. All residents must be employed, actively job searching, attending school or volunteering at least 10 hours per week unless they have other extenuating circumstances that have been discussed with the House Manager and the Recovery Housing Supervisor in advance.
  7. Residents will shower regularly and keep personal living area clean and orderly.
  8. Residents will complete assigned chore on a regular basis. All residents will clean up after themselves when they have made any mess in all areas of the house- interior and exterior. A resident will ask the House Manager or other residents directions on how to complete a chore if uncertain how to clean. Cleaning hours are from 9:00AM to 9:00PM.
  9. Overnight passes will be granted after the resident has lived at the house for more than 30 days. Passes will be granted on a case by case basis. A full description of overnight passes will be reviewed.
  10. Lock box code or house code will not be shared with anyone, including but not limited to family, friends, other residents or support people.
  11. The door is to be locked whenever a resident enters or leaves the house.
  12. Former Residents are not allowed in the Recovery House unless the Resident Manager approves.
  13. Having a positive attitude is important. Continuously exhibiting a poor attitude toward staff, or to housemates, may result in termination from the House.
  14. Residents will not go into the private space of others without that person’s permission.
  15. Window curtains will be drawn while dressing and residents will not leave her room unless dressed.
  16. Residents will respect others property at all times. Stealing will not be permitted at any time. Theft or damage to the property of others is cause for immediate dismissal from the House and may result in legal proceedings.
  17. The house must be a safe place to live. This means that threatening or dangerous behavior and/or deliberate abuse to house property may be cause for immediate dismissal from the House and may result in legal proceedings.
  18. The House Manager is the only person allowed to bring mail in from the mailbox and will be the only person to distribute the mail.
  19. Any resident that has vehicle on the property must be licensed and insured with current registration. Auto repair or general maintenance on the property or surrounding areas will not be permitted without permission from the House Manager.
  20. Relationships with others in the house will be respectful and supportive of recovery. Romantic, sexual or business relationships will not be permitted.
  21. Curfew is at 11:00PM Sunday-Thursday and 12:00am Friday and Saturday. Curfew may be extended under certain circumstances only with prior approval of the House Manager. Each resident will check in with the House manager on a nightly basis.
  22. Weekly house meetings are mandatory.
  23. Visitors are allowed on a very limited basis during daytime hours, only with approval by House manager with prior notice of the intended visit. Overnight visits will not be permitted and visiting areas are restricted to the living room, dining room, and the back yard.
  24. We are NOT responsible for lost or stolen property and lending or borrowing from other residents is to be avoided.
  25. All residents will abide by all recycling requirements determined by the city.
  26. The use of energy drinks is prohibited in the recovery house.
  27. Smoking is permitted only in designated areas (the front porch and back yard). Smoking is not allowed inside the house, in front of the house, or while walking up to the house. All cigarettes will be disposed in safe-disposal cans provided.
  28. Food will not be permitted in bedrooms at any time.
  29. All residents are responsible for reading and understanding the posted information on Fire Safety and Fire Procedures, including familiarity with the designated escape routes and safe gathering locations.
  30. No open flames on the premise including but not limited to candles, incense and bonfires.
  31. House managers will inspect and/or search room and belongings for cleanliness and/or contraband at any time without notice to maintain the health and safety of all residents living in the residence.
  32. Gambling in any form is not permitted, including but not limited to poker and lotto.
  33. Pets are prohibited.
  34. Illegal activity of any kind is strictly prohibited.
  35. Residency fee must be paid in order to remain living at recovery house. If financial issues arise the resident will speak to housing coordinator to resolve financial problems.
  36. Physical or verbal abuse of other residents or staff is never permitted. If at any time, there are displays of violent or aggressive behaviors; law enforcement may be called upon to intervene. Making these choices will result in review of residency, and may result in dismissal from the House.

We reserve the right to immediately remove anyone from the house for non-compliance with the rules or policies of the house, with no refund. These rules may be amended or modified in writing at the weekly house meeting.


The house assists individuals to meet their fullest potential by:

  • Helping the client to find healthy means to satisfy the needs previously met through the use of drugs/alcohol
  • Increasing the chance to experience fun and to feel in control of their lives
  • Teaching new ways to relieve stress and anxiety
  • Facilitating new learning related to social and free time choices
  • Exposing clients to leisure alternatives in the community
  • Providing increased structure, allowing choice within restrictions
  • Increasing social functioning and self-confidence
  • Developing social support network
  • Enhancing basic communication skills
  • Alleviating boredom (the #1 trigger for relapse)
  • Increasing problem solving and decision making skills
  • Practicing self-care and self-acceptance
  • Develop communication, self control and trusting relationships
  • Enhancing independent functioning and physical well-being

Experienced volunteers from the community provide monthly programs about living skills that residents may need. Programs include financial literacy, gardening, self-defense, meditation and yoga, and more


Monthly rent: $500*
Non-refundable administration fee: $100

*if moving in between payment weeks, rent will be calculated on a per diem basis

Cedar House